Established in 1999, Instant Armor, Inc. is the Sole Source Provider, manufacturer, and distributor of the Tactical Blanket Systems™. The original Tactical Blanket System™ was designed as a direct result of the North Hollywood Shootout, which took place on February 28, 1997. Wounded officers down, under automatic weapons fire, waited for rescue. As a direct result, Instant Armor’s founder, Eric Michaelson, conceived of the original “1st Responder Tactical Blanket System™. Designed as an 8-panel, lightweight, rigid armor, folding shield that could cover the side of a cruiser, yet fold up small enough to be stored in the trunk. No longer was it necessary to wait for a SWAT team to arrive. In 2000, Eric Michaelson was issued United States Patent #6,161,462 for the Tactical Blanket System™. To date, the 1st Responder and the TACIII+ Tactical Blanket Systems™ have been sold in 49 states and 8 foreign countries.

Our Mission

Since our inception, our company mission statement and motivation is that “Ever officer goes home safely, every night”. Our goal is always to provide the highest quality products to help enable that mission statement.

Quality and Innovation

As a family-owned business, we take great care in the production of all our Spartan Shields™ and Tactical Blankets Systems™. Every product is hand assembled from start to finish. This ensures that the Spartan Shield™ or the Tactical Blanket System™ you receive has been inspected at every turn of a wrench or application of a carrier harness. In our assembly, we care about quality over speed. We want you to know, with absolute confidence, that your Instant Armor product will function properly from the first deployment and on for years into the future.