Spartan Shield


Select Threat Level: Spartan III
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The Spartan Shield™ was designed to meet the need for an ANYTIME/ANYWHERE ballistic protection.
The Spartan Shield™ is the perfect shield for the first responder:
  • Active Shooter at the church, school, mall, or other gathering place.
  • Barricaded Suspects
  • Rescue or Assault
The Spartan Shield™ features our exclusive “Gladiator Grip™”, same as found on our TACIII+ System panels. Also, many of the attachment straps from our TACIII+ System can be used on the Spartan Shield™.

General Specifications for all Spartan Shields™:
  • Deployed size: 19” X 33½”
  • Folded (stored) size: 19” x 19”
  • Weight: (See chart below)
  • Area of protection: 4.4sq ft
  • N.I.J. Threat Level: (See chart below)
  • Portable by one officer
  • Easily fits behind a seat or in a trunk
  • Can be deployed by one officer in less than a minute
  • 4½” ballistic overlap on adjoining panels
  • No special tools required
  • Allows for replacement of individual panels that have been damaged by gunfire


 Version NIJ Threat Level Weight Panel Thickness
Spartan Shield™ Level IIIA ±10lbs ±¼"
Spartan AR™ Special (.223 & .556) ±12lbs ±½"
Spartan III Level III ±16lbs ±¾"


The SpartanAR

The SpartanAR™ was developed specifically in response to the real or perceived threat of the AR15. Thinner and lighter than a full Threat Level 3, the SpartanAR™ is the perfect answer to defeat the .223cal and the .556cal rounds